Archive: Jun 2019

Footage from Pula, Timisoara and Bucharest.

With this excerpt of the „UP AGAINST THE WORLD TOUR – Part 1“ we wanna thank everyone who came to our shows, supporting us on a shitty weekday, sharing the mosh with us, buying merch or giving us high fives after a show.
Like Folsom used to sing: „The only royalty checks for bands like us are the kdis who sing along and pit.“

Thank you for this tour!

It is never too late for a thank you. Without the follwoing people, their friends, collectives and a bunch of people we probably forgot this tour would never have happened: Grazie Gianluca and the Gorizia Hardcore crew, Grazie Valentina – Circolo Mesa, Hvala Pero – Monteparadiso, хвала Zurke – Discont DIY, Köszönöm Tamas, Zsofia, Joszef – SunCity Booking, Mari, Florin – Spațiul Armonia, Sorin, Dana – HC RO and Alec, Vlad – LMA collective.

We also played with great bands, shout outs to: Wild Sheep, RESPIRO NOCIVO, Slimboy, Cancer Clan, DESTEUFELS, Expectations & VVVLV.