Footage from Pula, Timisoara and Bucharest.

With this excerpt of the „UP AGAINST THE WORLD TOUR – Part 1“ we wanna thank everyone who came to our shows, supporting us on a shitty weekday, sharing the mosh with us, buying merch or giving us high fives after a show.
Like Folsom used to sing: „The only royalty checks for bands like us are the kdis who sing along and pit.“

Thank you for this tour!

It is never too late for a thank you. Without the follwoing people, their friends, collectives and a bunch of people we probably forgot this tour would never have happened: Grazie Gianluca and the Gorizia Hardcore crew, Grazie Valentina – Circolo Mesa, Hvala Pero – Monteparadiso, хвала Zurke – Discont DIY, Köszönöm Tamas, Zsofia, Joszef – SunCity Booking, Mari, Florin – Spațiul Armonia, Sorin, Dana – HC RO and Alec, Vlad – LMA collective.

We also played with great bands, shout outs to: Wild Sheep, RESPIRO NOCIVO, Slimboy, Cancer Clan, DESTEUFELS, Expectations & VVVLV.

Morocco 2016 Tourdiary

Wir waren zwar bereits 2016 in Marokko auf Tour aber das komplette Tourtagebuch gibt es jetzt bei uns auf der Website zu lesen. Mit Fotos und Videos. Also genau das richtige gegen eure Langeweile am Jahresende!

We’ve been to Morocco in 2016 but just published the tourdiary now on our website with photos and videos. The english version is written by Jaki, east european tour legend and longtime friend who joined us on that trip.