Late but not forgotton. Some words about our past tour through Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. The special thing about this tour was that most of the shows were done by our friends, we know since 2009 or at least 2011. So we are talking here about friendship and not just hardcore booking business contacts!Thanks to the Thorn Mob for putting us on the show in Torun and Piotr for sharing his bed with us! Thanks Sergey and Alex for making again the great DIY Friends For Friends Fest in Kaliningrad despite of all difficulties. Was a pleasure to come back! Thank you Kostya for always taking care of us in Kaliningrad, for the party, the food and the friendship since 2009! Thanks Marts and the whole FonoKlubs family for the comfortable sleep, the nice show and for being always so professional. One of the best things that ever happened to us on tour was Kirills Banja, thank you so much for this experience! Thanks for a perfect day with a crazy Pskov show like always with the hardest mosh. Thank you Dima for being our russian homie since day one and that you took the time to make this show happen in St. Pete! Was an honour to see you moshing! There are few places we feel like home on tour, Petrozavodsk is definitely one of them – most people on the whole tour, a lot of unity and a lot of positive vibes. Thank you! And massive thanks to Valentin who made this all happen! It was great to be back at Sotsiaalkeskus √úlase12 in Tallinn and great to see this place and the scene alive! Thank you Andres for bringing us back and for taking care of the show in Tartu! Thank you Mari Lii for sharing your place with us! Thank you Edgars for a perfect end of the tour in Riga! Thanks to all the familiar faces that we saw on the shows and to all the new faces, to all the moshers and everyone that was involved! And of course we need to thank all the great bands that played with us on this tour because they were all fucking good. Everybody in west europe, get prepared for a huge wave of russian bands bringing some realness into your spoiled little hardcore scene! And finally THANK YOU Slava for joining us and for being such a cool dude who brought a lot of fun into the van and helped where ever you could. You are the best!