A weekend with United And Strong through the lense of Lysztof Storno. Continue reading!

50% percent of the time spent on shows/tours consists of waiting. So lots of photos show us waiting. In this case waiting to grab some food in Kassel at K19 a few hours before we hit the stage.

3% of our time is spent on toilets or the search for a pleasent place to do our business.
Shitboy posing on the toilet in Kassel. You could find some white powder on some noses that night but not on his nose!

This time we wnated to have ful control over the quality of our accommodation so we booked a hostel in Kassel. On our way, Florian recited the ratings of the hostel. They were mainly really bad, one said „worst shit hole in west europe“. It was too late to cancel and we were afraid to spend another shitty night after a show. Like a sign from a higher power, we got a phone call from a dutch number, it was Ahmed from  booking.com, telling us that the hostel is over booked and they have to cancel our stay. They offered us some over priced alternatives but it was Shitboys’s duty to take it in his own hands and book us a whole christian hostel beside a church in a beautiful village close to Kassel.

Posing in front of an expensive car.

40% of our time is spent driving or on expensive german Autobahn Raststätten. Here a rare moment of love between the married parents somewhere between Kassel and Hamburg.

Bianca amused us with playing solitaire the whole weekend.

5% of our time is spent walking around the cities we play. Sometimes absoluteley clueless and sometimes with a plan. The motivation for walks like that can differ between the band members.

Schanzenviertel in Hamburg.

St. Pauli.

Again waiting for the show to start at Gängeviertel Hamburg. Bianca playing solitaire. Flo in his thoughts… probably something like „why am I doing this?“.

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